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MODUL-C LTD. is busy with developing, manufacturing and installation of burglar- and bullet-resistant armoured steel-made windows, armoured shock-proof, burglar-resistant glass units, armoured screens, coin show-cases, etc.

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Excellent performance characteristics and high wear resistance are the basic requirements imposed to the windows provided with burglar, bullet and fragmentation protection.

To combine the maximum presentable appearance with high technical resistance index against burglary, the outside of armoured windows are painted with high-quality European-made powder coating and the window inside is decorated with finewood plates of various textures and coloures.

The wooden plates are coated with Spanish-made high-quality polyurethane varnish which makes the plate surface perfectly smooth and uniform, thus, releasing you from the necessity of taking special care about them and excluding the atmospheric factors.

The burglar- and shock- resistant armoured windows with special glasses maintain maximum strength during the whole service life, provide reliable protection of rooms against breaking and protect personnel against the weapon killing elements.

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