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Please, pay your attention to new products mastered by the company. They are the popular aluminum, glass, transparent and solid partitions widely used for office space zoning and bank operating halls.

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Easy mounting of such constructions makes it possible to mount customer cabins on the far armour side, thus, offering our clients to enhance the package approach to solving the problems of technical resistance to burglary as well as to improve the creative level of interior design (printing of logos, labels and inscriptions in the corporate style on glass office partitions).

The standard aluminum construction consists of the door frame and a transparent glass partition divided into several sections. Usually it is straight, L-shaped, T-shaped or X-shaped. Below you can find example of complete set and price for calculation of the required constructions:

1.Door unit cost: 19500 roubles/pc.

2.Aluminum partition cost: 8500 roubles/m2

3.Installation diagram

4.Packing cost: from 1000 roubles/m2

Aluminum shape is always available.

Time of manufacture: 7 working days.

Pictures of products:

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