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Armour Can Be Reliable And Transparent

Transparency of armoured glass (bullet protection class 6A) produced by MODUL-C.

Being the Russian manufacturer of the armoured glasses, the MODUL-C company is represented both in the defense and civil sectors of the safety-providing products.

The armoured glasses production according to the up-to-date but time–proven technologies is the main direction of the business activity of the MODUL-C company.

The company participates in construction of the new objects, belonging to the Ministry of Defence and Federal Security Service of Russia, as well as in the alterations of the existing ones. It also effectively cooperates with such banks as YUGRA BANK, ROSBANK, HOME CREDIT BANK.

Today the company is ready to enhance its activity, so it is interested in obtaining the new business partners. The company products have all the necessary certificates, which allows the company to work both in the civil and in the defense sectors of the safety-providing products market.

Owing to the production process flexibility, modern technology and skilled and qualified personnel, the MODUL-C LTD. company can satisfy the highest requirements of its clients.

The MODUL-C LTD. company is looking for cooperation and suggests you to have a closer look at its products and to learn the details of their manufacture.

How the “Transparent Chambered Armour” Operates

The front surface of the chambered armour (bulle- protection class 6A) testing –product of the MODUL-C LTD. company.

The back surface of the chambered armour (bullet-protection class 6A) after tesing – product of the MODUL-C LTD. company.

Being a multilayer glass-and-polymer structure of high strength, the armoured glass allows to protect the buildings and structures against stones, bullets, explosions and grenade fragments.

The so called “chambered armour” is essentially safety glass produced by the MODUL-C having the bullet-protection class 5ХЛ and higher. Structurally the glass unit consists of several thin multilayer safety glasses attached to each other by the spacing frames. So, in its flight the bullet meets alternatively hard and soft materials as well as the air chambers which prevent the safety glass from deep penetration of the destructive effect of the blast shock wave. The design/structural features of the safety glass provide the effect when the bullet after its impact against the glass is deformed and loses its energy. Then it enters the air chamber and under the influence of its confusion effect the bullet impacts against the next glass layer by its lateral, tail or flattened front side. As a result, the specific pressure per area unit is considerably reduced when in contact with the next layers of the safety glass, thus reducing the bullet destructive effect.

The front surface of the 5ХЛ cold-resistant chambered armour (bullet protection class 5) produced by MODUL-C after testing.

The back surface of the 5 cold-resistant chambered armour (bullet protection class 5) produced by MODUL-C after testing.

The multilayer safety glass is a product of innovation technologies across Chemistry and Physics

Together with the basic bullet-resistance characteristics the air chambers in the safety glass blocks allow to relieve the framed large-size glazed articles and consequently to reduce their weight. Unlike in the monoblocks having the higher bullet-resistance class in the chambered blocks the weight load is distributed among the lower-class multilayer glasses. Each multilayer glass, being a part of the glazed article, bears only its own weight. This considerably reduces the specific pressure of the whole structure in every contact point between the safety glass block and the armoured frame. This is really the undeniable advantage of the chambered block structures over the monoblock ones, as the latter can be destructed because of the critical specific loads occurring in the glass-and-frame contact point.

The back surface of the chambered armour (bullet protection class 6A) produced by MODUL-C after frost testing at a temperature of -40o C .

The monoblocks carry the risk of freezing through, breaking or delamination because on the location of the dew point inside the monoblock. In the chambered structure each “air pocket” provides the heat insulation of the next multi-layer glasses, thus protecting them against freezing-through and retaining the protective characteristics of the product as a whole.

The chambered glass units lack the defects common to the monoblocks. Besides the effective protection characteristics they possess the features which make easy their mounting and operation due to the optimal distribution of the load over the frame and absence of their freezing-through in cold weather.

Besides, the chambered design of the high-class bullet-resistant glasses allows the MODUL-C LTD. company to optimize the range of the used materials, to reduce the duration of the manufacturing process and consequently to enhance the production flexibility, thus ensuring to shorten the time of the order fulfillment.

Blind window (bullet-resistant class 3)manufactured by the Modul group of companies.

Glass unit (bullet protection class 3) increases the safety characteristics of the product.

In the line of the multilayer glasses manufactured by the MODUL-C company special attention should be paid to the glass units, having the bullet protection Class 3, as their design features allow to satisfy the bullet-, fire- and explosion- resistance requirements which are confirmed by the corresponding certificates. Availability of this glass unit in the structures of the chambered units of high bullet-resistance classes makes it possible to announce with certainty the wide range of their safety characteristics.

Testing for fire resistance of the armoured glasses (bullet-resistant class 3) produced by the MODUL-C LTD company.

Manufacturing Process Of “Transparent Armour”

The multilayer safety armoured glasses are manufactured under the filling technology with the use of high-quality polymers produced by the leading Russian manufactures.

Production of safety glasses at the MODUL-C LTD. Company .

The advantages of this method make it possible to combine the glass sheets of different thickness in the single multilayer glass unit. It is also possible to combine the common transparent glasses with those, having special features (energy saving, sun proof, multifunction, etc.) as well as the ornamental and tinted glasses. The safety glass filling procedure allows to produce the glass unitsof different sizes and thickness.

The film, being a product of the photoinduced radical polymerization, reliably sticks the glass layers between each other, thus providing the ready-to-use glass units with the required mechanical and optical properties.

The “transparent armour” production is formally limited by the sheet glass overall dimensions - 2550х1605 mm. The company manufactures the glass sheets of the specified sizes with the bullet-protection class 3, namely А3, Б2, П1, П2 and П3.

The bullet-, explosive- an burgler-protection glasses produced by the MODUL-C company satisfy the highest requirements specified for security equipment of buildings and constructions. Meeting the customer’s request, the glasses can be decorated with ornamental patterns or corporate logos which are applied by the sand-blasting treatment of the glass surfaces.

Window produced by the MODUL-C LTD. company (bullet-protection class 6A)with decorative moldings and sand-blasted glasses.

Sand blasting of armoured glass with the logo of the “Yugra”Bank.

The “Transparent Armour” Can Be Warm

The MODUL-C company has mastered the production of the safety double and triple glass units which can be called “warm armour”.

Now the company offers its customers the steel-made burglar- and bullet – resistant armoured windows as well as the shock-proof glass units, armoured screens, coin show-cases and other architectural and decoration elements.

Wood-grained opening window (bullet-resistant class 2) produced by the MODUL-C company.

The high wear-resisting properties as well as reliable protection against burglary, bullets and grenade fragments ensure outstanding service characteristics meeting the most strict safety requirements of the customers.

Demonstrational armoured glasses(bullet-resistant class 3) after-demolition

Transfer gate (bullet-resistance class 3) – product of the Modul-C company

In the armoured windows there is an effective combination of high safety index and the aesthetic appeal provided by using the high-quality materials for the outer coatings and finewood – for the interior decoration.

Entrance unit (bullet-resistance class 3) with silvery tinted coating - design and production of the MODUL-C company.

“Module” Armoured screens in the banking hall.

The up-to-date technologies and individual approach allow to develop the unique creative design satisfying the demands of the very discerning customers.

Decorated armoured window with sand-blasting treatment – product of the MODUL-C company.

Models of Armoured Glasses Made by MODUL-C LTD.

Opening window unit (bullet-resistant class 2)

Coin show-case

Arch with double glass unit (impact-proof class Б2 )

Project of safety area in the “Sberbank” branch (Moscow) carried out by the MODUL-C company.

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